This Is the Instant Download Digital File

This is the instant download digital file. We do not sell frames and printed images. After registering on the site, you will get access to the download page.

How to download and choose the right print size

After clicking on the DOWNLOAD link, the cloud storage folder will open and you will see 7 folders with the different image sizes. Then use these instructions.

For each print you’ll get 7 high quality images (300 DPI) with different sizes and aspect ratios:

8.5×11 inches and 11×14 inches

2:3 aspect ratio — inches: 4×6, 6×9, 8×12, 10×15, 12×18, 16×24, 20×30, 24×36, or centimeters: 10×15, 20×30, 28×42, 30×45, 40×60, 50×75, 60×90

3:4 aspect ratio — inches: 6×8, 9×12, 12×16, 15×20, 18×24, 30×40 inches, or centimeters: 15×20, 30×40

4:5 aspect ratio — inches: 4×5, 8×10, 16×20, 20×25 inches, or centimeters: 24×30, 40×50

ISO A aspect ratio —  centimeters : A1 (84.1×59.4), A2 (59.4×42), A3 (42×29.7), A4 (29.7×21.0), A5 (21×14.8), 50×70, or 5×7 inches

SQUARE aspect ratio — inches: 5×5, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, 16×16, 20×20, 30×30 inches, or centimeters: up to 70×70

Colors May Vary Slightly

Image colors may vary slightly. This depends on the paper you are printing it on, the printer, and some other factors. We highly recommend you to use a laser printer to print your images. Inkjet printers can distort the colors and image quality.

How to Print an Image After the Purchase

We highly recommend you to use a laser printer to print your images. Inkjet printers can distort the colors and image quality. For the best print quality use heavyweight matte photography paper or card stock. You can also use fine art paper with texture (watercolor, linen) if you want your prints to look as realistic as possible. This paper is usually more expensive than regular photo paper.

Once you save the images to your PC or mobile device you can print them out instantly on your home printer (the print quality is very dependent on the printer), local print shop / photo lab, or using an online print service (highly recommend): Mpix, Finerworks, Walgreens, Nations photo lab, Posterjack, Theprintspace, Snapfish, Staples, Costco, UPS Store, Officeworks, Office Depot, Vistaprint, Walmart, Shutterfly, Target, etc.

The colors you see on your screen may be slightly different to the colors on the paper after printing. This depends on the printer and paper you are using.

License and Delivery

For personal use only. Commercial use and any distribution or resale are not allowed. Compiling digital prints from ISTOPRINT to replicate a similar or competing service are not allowed.

Download Limits

You have a limit of 3 free downloads per day. We have established this limit to avoid an irresponsible use of free prints. You will be able to download free files again in 24 hours.